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Mission Statement

Mission Statement

The Journal of Athletic Medicine (JAM) has been established to enable medical and allied health science students to engage in writing and publishing scholarly articles, medical trends, and best practices in medicine and allied health science settings. It is the intention of JAM to promote scholarly discourse among students while also acting as a resource for medical information and trends. Articles are peer reviewed and held to established scientific writing standards.


1. To create an international medium for student researchers and writers of medical and allied

health sciences devoted to publishing original research, articles, and case reports.

2. To promote student research in medicine and the allied health sciences at the international


3. To provide a resource for the dissemination of academic medical literature devoted to medical

and allied science students.

4. To augment the understanding of current research, medical trends, and practices among

medical and allied health students.

5. To institute an international forum dedicated to singular and collaborative research amongst


6. To encourage research, article writing, and scientific investigation among medical and allied

health science students.

7. To provide a forum where students of various medical and allied health science disciplines

exchange ideas and engage in academic discourse.

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